Hedobar 10.04.2014 Exposing the Invisible - Movie Screenings with Director

"Exposing the Invisible is Tactical Tech's new 3-part series of short films profiling inspiring and provocative artists, hackers and activists working with a range of digital investigative tools to expose what has been hidden from us.

Two films from the series will be screened at the Hedobar on Thursday April 10th.

Film 1: 'Our Currency is Information' introduces the work of a team of investigators led by Romanian investigative reporter, Paul Radu, and looks at the methods and tactics that this team use to expose organised crime and corrupted corporate power.

Film 3: 'Unseen War' explores the physical, moral and political invisibility of the war waged by US drones in Pakistan.

The films are produced by Tactical Tech (www.tacticaltech.org), an international non-profit organisation working globally to uncover and spread new paradigms and techniques for the use of information technology in civil society, with a particular focus on campaigners, human rights defenders and accountability, transparency and justice advocates.

Marek Tuszynski, the director of the films, will be available for a discussion after the films are screened."


21:00 Bar opens
22:00 Screening of the 3 films, followed by open discussion/questions to the director

The section Grünberg of the Hedonist International invites each second Thursday of a month to the hedo bar in Zielona Gora.
Zielona Gora
Boxhagener Platz
Grünberger Str. 73
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